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Welfare at work

Guidance for employers on welfare provisions. (in Welsh and English)


This revised leaflet gives simple, practical guidance to employers on the provision of welfare facilities for employees. This means the provision of facilities that are necessary for the well-being of employees, such as washing, toilet, rest and changing facilities and somewhere clean to eat and drink during breaks. It also now includes a paragraph on the new smoking legislation. Contents: Introduction; What toilet and washing facilities do I need to provide? How many facilities do I need to provide? What if staff work in remote workplaces without suitable plumbing and a water supply? What if my employees are working at temporary worksites? Do I need to provide drinking water? Do I have to provide a room for those who smoke? What arrangements should I make for meal breaks? What facilities do I need to provide for changing and storing clothing? Do I need to provice rest facilities for pregnant women and nursing mothers? If I do all this, have I done enough? Find out more; Further information.


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This leaflet has Welsh on one side and English on the reverse.


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Welfare at work
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