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Blood-borne viruses in the workplace

Guidance for employers and employees.


This leaflet is aimed at employers, employees and safety representatives in areas of work where exposure to blood or other body fluids may occur. It explains what blood-borne viruses (BBVs) are; the type of work where exposure to BBVs may occur; how BBVs are spread; the legal duties of employers and employees; what action to take after infection with a BBV and special considerations for first-aiders. It provides a detailed further reading list. Contents: Is this guidance useful to me?; What are blood-borne viruses (BBVs)?; Types of work where there may be contact with blood/body fluids; How can BBVs spread in the workplace?; What do I have to do as an employer?; What do I have to do as an employee?; Action after possible infection with a BBV; Special considerations for first aiders; Further reading.


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Blood-borne viruses in the workplace
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