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Working together to reduce stress at work (in English/Welsh)

A guide for employees


This leaflet is an updated and re-designed version of leaflet MISC686W and is aimed at employees. Work-related stress can be tackled by working with your employer to identify issues at source and agreeing realistic and workable ways to tackle these. To help do this, HSE has produced Management Standards and guidelines on work-related stress for employers and employees and their representatives (available at www.hse.gov.uk/stress). This leaflet, produced by HSE and the International Stress Management Association UK, and backed by Acas, CIPD and the TUC, explains what these are, and what you can do to help your employer to help you. Contents: What is work-related stress, and why do we need to tackle it? What do the Management Standards mean to me? What role do I play? What should I do if I'm becoming stressed? What are HSE's Management Standards and how do they work? Find out more; Further information.


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Working together to reduce stress at work (in English/Welsh)
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