Health and Safety Online Library

The HSE online library brings together essential guides from the Health and Safety Executive, alongside the relevant legislation, regulations, parliamentary papers and reports that complement them. All the publications you need in one place, enabling you to search and browse efficiently.

It's a value-added service, no more will you have to trawl the web looking for updates, or worry that you are using out-of-date guidance. OPO can alert you to new publishing with the update service - publications are updated within the library on publish.

£250 (ex VAT) for a year's access. This includes the full collection of over 500 titles plus new titles added in the following year. Thereafter an annual subscription is £100 (ex VAT)

For further information, prices or to arrange a demonstration please contact | +44 (0) 333 202 5070


(ex VAT)*
For one year's updates
plus collection of
500 titles*

Publishing included in the library

  • Health and Safety Executive Guidance and Legal titles
  • Parliamentary publications such as Regulations, Legislation and Government responses


  • PDFs can be downloaded and used across multiple devices and locations
  • Network across your organisation
  • Cost effective
  • Archive dating back to the 1970s - over 40 years of publishing

*Annual subscription is £100 per year after the first year.

For further information, prices or to arrange a demonstration,
please contact: | +44 (0) 333 202 5070