Asbestos - The Analyst's Guide for Sampling, Analysis and Clearance Procedures, HSG248

HSG 248

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
HSE Books
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This publication provides advice and guidance for analysts involved in licensed asbestos removal and the sampling of asbestos-containing materials. Aimed at a technical audience, it combines and updates information from previous HSE publications.

Topics covered include:

  • Quality assurance and accreditation schemes

  • Training and qualifications for analysts

  • Bulk sampling and analysis of materials for the presence of asbestos

  • Sampling and analysis of airborne fibre concentrations

  • Site assessment and certification for reoccupation

  • Supervisory work carried out by analysts

  • Personal protective equipment

  • Decontamination procedures

  • Also includes a glossary of acronyms

Amendments to the European Worker Protection Directive to be implemented by 2006 will replace the existing European Reference Method MDHS39/4 Asbesto fibres in air, with the WHO method.

The updated method has been included to allow analysts to become familiar and train with the new method. MDHS39/4 should still be used until the new EU directive is implemented.

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Format Paperback Published 01 Jan 1991
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