Lighting At Work, HSG38


Health And Safety Executive (HSE)
Health and Safety Executive
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Holistic study guidance of how lighting affects the health and safety of people at work. Although addressed primarily to employers and safety personnel, employees may also find it useful.

The guidance reflects three primary considerations:

  • the assessment and management of risks attributable to poor lighting;

  • what constitutes good practice; and

  • the minimum recommended levels.

Naturally the document examines the more obvious detrimental effects connected to poor lighting, eg eyestrain, migraines and headaches. However, the guidance also explores less appreciated aspects of insufficient illumination, such as the established link to sick building syndrome, which, in turn, is known to induce symptoms such as headaches, lethargy, irritability and poor concentration.

Information is supported throughout by photographs, illustrations, diagrams and easy-glance reference tables.

Extent 64 pages ISBN 9780717612321
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Format Paperback Published 12 Jan 1998
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