Asbestos: The Licensed Contractors Guide, HSG247


Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
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For businesses holding a licence to work with (either repair or removal of) asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), those supervising such operations and those with an ancillary licence or providing training on asbestos.

Employers conducting work with asbestos insulation, coating and insulating board - using their own employees and premises and are consequently exempt from licence requirements - also need this guidance. May also be useful to contract awarding bodies or others with asbestos-management duties. Supersedes most earlier guidance on licensed removal.

Eight specific chapters detail the different aspects of licensed ACM work. Also with an overview of asbestos, how to work safely with it, known health effects and law guidance.

Extent 132 pages ISBN 9780717628742
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Format Paperback Published 01 Apr 2006
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