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COSHH Regulations

Every year, thousands of workers are made ill by hazardous substances, contracting lung disease such as asthma, cancer and skin disease such as dermatitis. Symptoms can take years to develop so it is not advisable to continue practices where personnel have high exposure to harmful substances even if signs of illness are not showing.

You, as the employer, are responsible for taking effective measures to control exposure and protect health.

What is COSHH?

HSG97 A Step By Step Guide To COSHH Assessment


Publishing: 30 Dec 1999
ISBN: 9780717627851
Price: £18.00

INDG370 Controlling Fire And Explosion Risks In The Workplace - A Brief Guide To The Dangerous Substances And Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (pack of 5)

Book x 5

Publishing: 31 Jan 2013
ISBN: 9780717664856
Price: £5.00

Environmental hygiene - guidance notes EH40/2005 Workplace exposure limits: containing the list of workplace exposure limits for use with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (as amended) 2nd ed., 2011


Publishing: 18 Dec 2011
ISBN: 9780717664467
Price: £15.00

The Printer's Guide to Health And Safety


Publishing: 09 Apr 2002
ISBN: 9780717622672
Price: £12.50

HSE Training and Conferences available:

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Also available from the HSE:

Preventing contact dermatitis at work Leaflet INDG233 (rev1) HSE Books 2007 (PDF) opens in new window