All of the products available to order on HSE Books are governed by rules of copyright. There are 4 types:

i) No reuse

  • All versions of 'Health and Safety Law: what you need to know' poster ( "The Law Poster"), and the "Accident Book" cannot be licenced for reuse by third parties.

ii) Open Government Licensing

  • The content of the majority of products featured on this web site can be re-used under Open Government Licensing arrangements which became effective at the end of September 2010.

iii) Owner rights

  • A small number of DVD products are funded and produced by a consortium of European health and safety bodies including HSE. Copyright of these films rests with the film production company. Information on how these films can be reused is available at

iv) Contact Health and Safety Executive

  • A small range of multimedia products are owned by the Crown and applications to reuse the information in these products should be made in writing to