Managing Your Account

Once you have registered with the online bookshop and are logged in, the following functions are available from the 'Your Account' pages:

To log into 'Your Account'

1. Click on the 'Your Account' link on the top navigation bar.
2. Enter your user name and password and click on the 'Submit' button.
3. If you have forgotten your password you can click on the 'Remind me of my password' link to see the password reminder question you selected on registration.
4. If you have forgotten your username please contact Customer Services and they will trace your account, e-mail

Your Account
The 'Your Account' page allows you to view your user details (account name and number, billing address and contact e-mail and telephone number) and your username and password details (including your password reminder question). If you would like to edit your username or password this can be done by simply changing the information in the appropriate boxes at the foot of the page and clicking 'Update'.

If you are a Credit Account Customer - i.e. your account number does NOT begin with '69', your credit terms, current credit limit and remaining balance will also be displayed.

Please note - for security reasons you will NOT be able to change your billing address online. If you need to update your billing address please contact Customer Services and they will assist you, e-mail or telephone 0333 202 5070.

Delivery Addresses

You can choose to have your goods delivered to a separate address from your billing address (where your invoice is delivered) and keep a list of these alternative addresses for future use.

- Adding a new delivery address
1. Once logged in, click on the 'Delivery Addresses' tab on the Your Account navigation
2. On the Delivery Addresses page click 'Create New Address'
3. fill in the required address details and click 'Update'. This will take you back to the 'Delivery Addresses' page and automatically make your new address the current delivery address displayed at the top of the page.

- Selecting a previously added delivery address
1. As above, once logged in click on the 'Delivery Addresses' tab on the Your Account navigation
2. Click the select button adjacent to the deliver address of your choice. This will then be displayed as the current delivery address at the top of the page.

Quick Order

The 'Quick Order' page allows you to enter multiple ISBNs and have the publications of your choice sent directly to your shopping basket, ready to purchase. See 'Purchasing using the "Quick Order" facility in "Your Account"' in 'Purchasing'.

Order Status

View your order history and perform specific searches by ISBN, order dates, order number or invoice number. Please note only details of online orders can be viewed online.

Shopping Basket

You can use the Your Account navigation to go to your shopping basket, or click on the shopping basket icon in the top right hand corner of every page.

Saved Items

Once you have registered you can create your own 'Saved Items' List. This enables you to save publications in order to make a later purchase or to e-mail to a colleague.

To add an item to this list click the publication's 'Save' button displayed on product information pages, search results and in your shopping basket.

The items are stored on your 'Saved Items' list within your account information pages until you move them to your shopping basket or delete them.

To view your 'Saved Items' list access your account information by clicking the 'Your Account' link at the top of every page.

Download History

This page displays any electronic publications you have purchased. If you have not already downloaded your publication the download status will be displayed as 'active' enabling you to download your product by clicking on the title link.

Log out

Click 'Log Out' on the Your Account navigation to exit your account.