How to identify a genuine law poster

The Health and safety law poster can be purchased in either A2 or A3 (it is not available in other sizes) directly from HSE Books and verified resellers. The A3 version retails at £9.35 (£11.22 inc. VAT) and the A2 version retails at £13.75 (£16.50 inc. VAT).

Under the Health and Safety Information for Employees Regulations (HSIER), all employers have a legal duty to display the official, HSE poster in a prominent position in each workplace location, ensuring that all workers can read and have access to it.

Alternatively, they must provide each worker with a copy of the (free to download) equivalent leafletlink opens in a new window . You may not print out the poster yourself.

If an employer is in doubt about a poster purchased through another source, they should contact

2018 Reprint

The 2018 reprint of the law poster includes enhanced security features, and is more durable. Features include an image flip hologram with surface relief, optical variable ink, embossed roundel, rounded corners and printed on recyclable PP5 material.

Look for these enhanced security features on the 2018 reprint of the law poster to ensure that it is genuine:

Embossing and optical variable ink

  • Optical variable ink: on the bottom section of the poster there is optical variable ink for the word 'valid' that changes colour at different angles

  • Embossed roundel: around the word 'valid'


  • Image flip: between the HSE Logo and the word 'valid'

  • Surface relief: HSE on the hologram looks 3D

Other features include:

  • Rounded corners
  • Printed on recyclable PP5 material

2009 version

Each copy of the 2009 poster incorporates a unique, serially numbered hologram in the bottom right.

Both the 2009 version and 2018 reprint are valid. If you have the 2009 version of the law poster, there is no legal requirement to buy the 2018 reprint with added security as the content has not changed.