Musculoskeletal (MSD) Online Assessment Tool

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The assessment part of the MAC, ART and RAPP Tools are now available to use for free.

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MSD Tool overview

The MSD assessment tool is the latest tool in the range from the HSE. It combines the popular MSD assessment guides MAC, ART and RAPP and transformed them into an all-in-one digital solution.

Employers and safety representatives can use the MSD tool to easily assess the risks posed by physical, strenuous activities. The assessor can then understand, interpret, categorise and communicate the level of risk.

It has been designed to simplify the process of completing each assessment, with a logical step by step approach, saving your assessors time in populating the results manually.

Please note: There have been no changes to the content of the MAC, ART and RAPP tools. This is an enhanced digital version to remove the administrative burden and make it easier for you to complete an assessment.

Case studies

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Free Single Assessment Version v Full Premium Version

The Tool is available for free so organisations can conduct individual MAC, ART and RAPP assessments. However, for organisations who conduct multiple assessments throughout the year for all three tools or want to be able to analyse their assessments; a premium option is available.

The table below provides an outline of the differences between the two options:

MSD ToolsFree Single Assessment Full Premium Version
GDPR CompliantYesYes
Fully Secure ISO27001 (data stored in the UK)YesYes
AssessmentFree Single Assessment Full Premium Version
Built in easy to follow processYesYes
Suggested control measures based on scoresYesYes
Emailed copy of completed assessmentYesYes
Assessment mobile compatible via browserYesYes
Assessment via mobile app (offline mode)-Yes
Organisational set demographics-Yes
Personalisation including company logo-Yes
Administration portalFree Single Assessment Full Premium Version
Set up multiple assessments-Yes
Shared and linked accounts-Yes
Set up organisational demographics-Yes
Ability to download raw data-Yes
Auto reportFree Single Assessment Full Premium Version
Auto report with priority/focus areas-Yes
Ability to filter auto reports by demographics-Yes
Ability to download and share auto reports-Yes
Ability to access and save individual assessments-Yes

Free Digital MSD Assessment Tools

Free Single Assessment MAC Tool

The assessment side of the solution is available for free.

Free Single Assessment RAPP Tool

The assessment side of the solution is available for free.

Free Single Assessment ART Tool

The assessment side of the solution is available for free.

Full Premium Version

For larger organisations who conduct multiple assessments throughout the year or want to be able to analyse their assessments; a premium option is available.

The full premium version of the MSD tool includes:

  • The ability to tailor and set demographics to fit your organisational structure
  • A bespoke mobile app to complete the assessments offline
  • Easily access all tasks/assessments completed
  • An overall organisation report to examine the assessments - Example report (PDF 247KB)
  • An intuitive filtering system to analyse results based on the various demographics, such as location, assessor and department

Analysing the reports for effective risk management

Once assessments have been completed, the MSD Tool consolidates all the assessments in one central system, so they can be easily reviewed and analysed.


The report categorises the completed assessments, showing what the tasks were, e.g. lift, carry or team task, the locations for where the assessments were completed, the assessors within the organisation, and date stamps to see when they were completed. This enables central management to monitor those assessments and ensure they are being completed correctly.


Integrates the same structure used by HSE inspectors to prioritise tasks:

  • Actual risk of serious personal injury - critical
  • Significant / probable / substantial - high priority
  • Significant / possible / moderate - medium priority

This data enables organisations to focus their efforts on the highest risk activities first.

Common themes

The report outlines the most common risk factors associated with each type of manual handling task. This helps identify common themes across multiple tasks and empowers organisations to identify control measures that can reduce the overall risk factor.

Adaptable reporting

In addition to the organisation report, the system includes the functionality to filter based on the demographics or task. This helps to extract the reports and send them to managers responsible for health and safety at a local level, with details of the priority areas to be addressed.

Ultimately, the MSD Tool will save central management time and effort, and will help achieve a robust manual handling risk management programme.


How much is the premium version of the MSD tool?

These prices allow administrative and user rights to the MSD Tool (all prices are excluding VAT). For example, you could pay for 100 assessments and complete 50 MAC, 25, ART and 25 RAPP.

For those conducting more than 1,000 assessments per annum a price is available on request.

Licence Tier (Number of MSD assessments per year)Max. number of assessments per yearLicence Fee (excluding VAT) per yearMax. number of accounts* per year
up to 5050£4001

Licence permits use of the tool according to the appropriate number of assessments conducted. Should the number of assessments increase, or you wish to expand the licence to cover other parts of the organisation, you will be required to upgrade to the next band.

*Max number of accounts refers to the number of distinct customer logins created at each licence tier. Additional account logins can be purchased at any licence tier level by contacting the Helpdesk and are charged at £100 + VAT for each additional login.

More information

MSD Tool Terms and Conditions (PDF 1.3MB)

TSO HSE Tools Supplier Form (PDF 133KB)

MSD Tool Help Section

MAC Tool auto-report example (PDF 248KB)

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