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E.g subscription number 7901031 can be found by searching for '*031' or '7901*' etc.

For a full catalogue of TSO's subscription publications please contact customer services by calling +44 (0)333 200 2425 or e-mail

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Enter author name(s), this can be an organisation or an individual.

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Search Operators - use to refine your search

'world AND population AND 2002' will only return results containing all three of these words.
'population NOT european' will only return results containing 'population' that do not contain 'european'.
'population OR demographics' will return results containing either 'population' or 'demographics' or both.
quotation marks " "
"poverty and possibilities" will return results containing this exact phrase.
asterisk * (wildcard)
'euro*' will return results containing 'euro', 'european', 'europe' and 'eurotunnel' etc.

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