The Official HSE Health and Safety app for SMEs

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HSE's mission is to prevent death, injury and ill-health in Great Britain's workplaces. Ensuring that guidance is available and accessible in a variety of formats is central to achieving this objective.

The HSE small business app has been designed to help people better understand the law, their health and safety rights, and their responsibilities. It is not designed for health and safety professionals, consultants or those looking for detailed information on health and safety law.

Created in partnership with the Stationery Office (TSO), the app is primarily for small businesses or those who are new to health and safety to help them better understand the law and what is required to protect employees.

The app can be downloaded on your Apple or Android device from either the iOS or Google Play Store.

What does the HSE app include?

1. Practical risk management tools

This section is a dedicated for users to access the various HSE digital tools, such as the musculoskeletal (MAC, ART, and RAPP) and stress risk assessments.

2. Risk Management Videos

This section includes exclusive practical videos delivered by an HSE inspector that guide you through the risk management process.

3. Introduction to managing health and safety

This section includes:

  • finding the right guidance for your business
  • basic advice for small businesses
  • making arrangements to manage health and safety
  • your workers and workplace
  • how to manage health and safety (plan, do, check, act)
  • the law (links to regulations, legal duties of workers, criminal and civil law)
  • useful resources.

4. Managing risks and risk assessment

This section provides a simple step-by-step guide and practical advice on how to manage risk within an organisation. It includes:

  • Steps needed to manage risk
  • Risk assessment template and examples
  • Common workplace risks
  • More detail on managing risk.

5. Investigating workplace accidents and incidents

This section includes:

  • what does the law say you should do?
  • why investigate?
  • the benefits
  • who should carry out the investigation
  • when should the investigation start?
  • what does the investigation involve?
  • steps to take after an accident or incident
  • reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences
  • should I investigate?
  • what makes an investigation successful?
  • glossary
  • investigation forms
  • further reading.

6. Work-related stress

TThis section includes a condensed version of HSE's stress management standards approach. Designed for smaller organisations, it comprises a step by step guide to manage work-related stress for:

  • Small organisations (up to 50 employees)
  • Medium-size organisations (51-250 employees)
  • Medium-size organisations, with multiple sites

In addition, there is also a link to the Working Minds campaign that provides a range of tools and support to help small businesses find the best ways to prevent work related stress and promote good mental health.

7. Publication list

Includes a full publications and reference list for:

  • Legal series (L)
  • Approved codes of practice (ACOP)
  • Health and safety guidance (HSG)
  • Health and safety regulations (HSR)

The app also includes:

  • An intuitive search function - so users can find the guidance and content more quickly
  • Key products section - easily browse and purchase the Health and Safety Law Poster, Accident Book or Managing for Health and Safety publication (HSG65)
  • Automatic live updates - so users have the latest guidance and content sent automatically to their device.

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How do I download the HSE app?

The HSE health and safety app is now available to download from the Apple iOS store and the Google Play Store.

Use the links below to download on your device:

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If you would like some more information or have a question about the app, please contact us at: