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Violence At Work, INDG69

A Guide For Employers, INDG69, pack of 10

Health And Safety Executive (HSE)
HSE Books
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Provides practical advice to help employers find out if violence is a problem for their employees, and if it is, how to tackle it. Aimed at employers, but should also interest employees and safety representatives.


  • Violence is...;

  • Who is at risk?

  • Is it my concern?

  • What the law requires;

  • Effective management of violence - Finding out if you have a problem, Deciding what action to take, Take action, Check what you have done;

  • What about the victims? and

  • Where can I get further information?

Extent 13 pages ISBN 9780717612710
Size N/A Price £3.50
Format Leaflet, pack of 10 Published 07 Nov 1996
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