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Scientific And Archaeological Diving Projects, L107

Diving At Work Regulations - Approved Code of Practice And Guidance, L107

Health And Safety Executive (HSE)
HSE Books
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This Approved Code of Practice and associated guidance provides practical advice and sets out what you have to do to comply with the requirements of the Diving at Work Regulations 1997.

It applies to divers who are engaged in scientific and archaeological diving projects within the United Kingdom waters adjacent to Great Britain (generally 12 nautical miles from the low water line). This includes all diving projects undertaken in support of scientific research or scientific education.

In order for a diving project to fall within the Diving Regulations, there must be at least one diver participating in it who is 'at work'. This means that at least one person must be diving as an employee or a self-employed person.

Archaeological diving projects include activities carried out in support of:

  • the investigation of sites of historic interest;

  • the analysis of physical remains; and

  • the recovery from such sites of articles for preservation and further analysis, and educational instruction

It does not cover the recovery of items for salvage and then sale or personal use. This is covered by the Inland/inshore Approved Code of Practice.

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