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Safe Deal Playing Cards (pack of cards)

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
TSO (The Stationery Office)

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These newly developed playing cards help you increase the opportunities to talk both formally and informally about the human factors that affect your organisation. The cards can make it much easier to break the ice, broach big subjects and start meaningful discussions.

They can be used by anyone - health and safety professionals, managers, supervisors and safety reps - to begin talking about safety. The more you talk about safety, making it an on-going open dialogue, the more likely it is you will engage your workforce in safety becoming 'part of the job'.

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Suggested uses

  • As part of toolbox talks or safety briefings

  • To raise team awareness on good and poor safety practices

  • As an ice breaker during a health and safety meeting, to get the meeting off to a positive start and/or to focus minds quickly on good safety

  • On a manager walkabout it's good practice for senior managers to be visible and 'walk the talk'. Safe Deal can be used by managers as an aid to start conversations during their safety walkabouts

  • As part of a focus group to begin to identify the barriers that prevent your company from becoming a high reliability organisation. You can also use Safe Deal during a safety workshop or as part of a wider behavioural safety programme

  • As part of training to get people thinking how behaviours and culture affect how they perform their job on a daily basis, and how they can work safely

Getting Started

There is no fixed way to use the cards. You can ask the question first to start a conversation, then use the information provided to add context to the discussion. Or you can use the information on the card to introduce the subject, then ask the related question to begin a discussion. Either way, Safe Deal will generate interesting dialogue.

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Extent N/A ISBN 9780717666782
Size N/A Price £19.07
(£22.88 inc. VAT)
Format Pack of cards Published 15 Mar 2018
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